Gift Box "Nourish"
Gift Box "Nourish"
Gift Box "Nourish"

Gift Box "Nourish"

A collection of a few items to warm the soul. Includes one Cinnamon, one Turmeric, one Wildflower Honey and one hand poured soy candle.

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Historically ceylon cinnamon was celebrated as a delicacy — an item of luxury and the finest of all cinnamons. Its flavor, described as sweeter and more complex than the popular cassia cinnamon, is infused with an essence of orange and floral notes, which makes it perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. 0.8oz.

For nearly 4,000 years, turmeric, known as “The Golden Spice”, has been used medicinally to soothe stomach ailments, enhance cognition, and traditionally to dye skin in wedding rituals In the kitchen, its mild citrus aroma and ginger notes lend warmth to dishes and make it one of the principal spices of East Asian cuisine. 0.8oz.

Wildflower Honey
Our raw, cold-processed honey comes from the Finger Lakes region of New York. Collected from fields of wildflowers, its flavor profile is as robust as the assortment of wild plants pollinated during its creation: locust trees, wild raspberry, wild rose, linden trees, sumac, knapweed, joe pye weed, bamboo, clematis, goldenrod, and purple aster. The combined nectars yield a dark honey with a unique floral taste, enriched with more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than lighter-hued varieties.

'Campfire' Candle
Hand poured soy candle from Detroit Rose with notes of smoke, driftwood + cinnamon. 

Wooden box 
The perfect keepsake box. 

Enclosed + shipped in a wooden gift box and gift note.