Gift Box "Cook"
Gift Box "Cook"
Gift Box "Cook"

Gift Box "Cook"

A collection of our favorite kitchen essentials makes perfect gift for the cook in your life. Includes one Olive Oil, one Cyprus Flake Salt, one Peruvian Pink Salt, one Sel De Guérande, one copy of Simple Fare: Fall / Winter, one copy of Simple Fare: Spring / Summer, one chef's knife, and one cross back linen apron. 

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Olive Oil, 15 oz
In a 100-year old mill situated among the ancient groves of Andalusia, olives are hand-picked and pressed on the same day to ensure the utmost flavor and freshness. The cold, bright winters and hot, dry summers of the Southern Spanish region of Cordoba create prime conditions for producing olives of exceptional quality and a richer, smoother olive oil with a more golden hue than its Italian counterpart.

Cyprus Flake Salt
This delicate sea salt harvested off the coast of Cyprus embodies the taste of the Mediterranean. Its unique pyramid shape is the result of a lengthy solar evaporation process—it can take up to two years for it to reach completion. Sprinkle it whole or crumble the delicate flakes between your fingers for the preferred texture. 

Peruvian Pink Salt
Our beautiful blush color salt (rumored to cultivate positive energy) comes from the mystical rose quartz caves that line the Sacred Valley of the Incas. One of the healthiest salts in the world, it has been carefully hand-harvested for over 2,000 years by local Peruvian families.

Sel de Guérande
This fleur de sel, French for "flower of salt", derives its name from the scent of violets faintly drifting from the drying mounds of white crystals. Due to its delicate composition, its careful harvest has historically been entrusted to women only. And so it follows, it is often referred to as the greatest salt in all the world.

Simple Fare Cookbook Set

Simple Fare: Fall / Winter and Simple Fare: Spring / Summer is a two-book anthology. The focus is on approachable cooking that is nuanced for the experienced cook — and inviting for the novice. Perfect for holiday gifting and any other occasion, this set is a comprehensive collection of seasonal recipes.

Chef's Knife
This 8" chefs knife from our friends at Material Kitchen is the perfect upgrade for any kitchen. 

Cross Back Linen Apron
Our favorite apron made from 100% European flax and stone washed for maximum softness.

Wooden box 
The perfect keepsake box. 

Enclosed + shipped in a wooden gift box and gift note.